“Constitutional Carry” bill makes way to Indiana Senate

Statewide — On Monday, the Indiana House passed House Bill 1369, 65-31, which would eliminate the need for a license to carry a handgun in the State of Indiana. Under the legislation, sometimes called “constitutional carry,” certain offenders still could be prohibited from carrying handguns.

Opponents worry the bill would make police officers and the general public less safe, but advocates say law-abiding citizens should not have to pay for a right guaranteed to them by the Constitution. The Indiana State Police spoke out in opposition to the bill. Police say it further complicates checking whether someone is allowed to carry a firearm. Representative Randy Frye stated on Monday that constituents in his district frequently comment on surveys that they would like to see a constitutional carry permitted in the state.

With this new bill, Hoosiers would still be able to get a reciprocity license to carry for other states. Five-year licenses would be free, while lifetime permits would cost $75.

Since at least 2016, advocates have pushed for “constitutional carry” in Indiana, but have never been able to get the bill to law. The bill has now moved to the Senate where it will require approval before making it to the Governor’s desk to sign to law.