Projects Outlined in State of the City

Batesville, IN — Mayor Mike Bettice gave his State of the City address Tuesday evening on the radio and online to the community.

The entire speech can be heard on-demand here…

Mayor Bettice outlined the finances for the City as well as the multiple efforts in 2020 from community members and government services through the pandemic.

He also outlined the City’s major projects for the year that includes:

• SCADA system at the Waste Water Plant
• Summer paving projects with the Community Crossings Matching Grant
• Replacement of the pool liner at the City Pool
• Addition of Freedom Park
• Long Term Water Project that will be completed in 2021
• Joint venture with New Horizons to open Sweets at Liberty Park Ice Cream Shop

Mayor Bettice also discussed the City’s project list for 2021 that includes:

• Completion of the Long Term Water Project
• Paving and stormwater projects with the Community Crossings Matching Grant
• Walnut Street Utility Project- to update utilities underground from the 1930s.
• Trail project
• Connecting Liberty Park to YMCA
• Connecting Brum Woods to Beech Grove
• Update Land Usage section in the City’s ordinance manual