Armed man charged with kidnapping and more Thursday

Greensburg, IN — Early Thursday morning, officers from the Greensburg Police Department responded to a call of intimidation on West Brockworth Drive. Once on scene officers witnessed a male standing in the doorway to an apartment carrying a firearm. When officers announced that they were law enforcement the male made an attempt to go back into the apartment with the firearm still in hand.

An officer then deployed a bean bag round from a less than lethal launcher. The bean bag round struck the male in the back and he went to the ground. Officers were then able to place the male into custody. Once in custody, the male was given medical treatment by Decatur County E.M.S. The male was identified as Darrell D. Trent, of Whitesburg, Tennessee.

After the officers completed their on-scene investigation Trent was transported to the Decatur County Jail. Trent was charged on allegations of Kidnapping, Intimidation, Criminal Recklessness, Interfering with the Reporting of a Crime, and Disorderly Conduct.