Congressional candidate reports gunfire on Thursday

Muncie, IN — Jeannine Lee Lake is stirred after an incident in Muncie Thursday evening. Lake, who is running against Congressman Greg Pence, Vice President Mike Pence’s brother, in Indiana’s 6th Congressional District, reports hearing the sounds of a gunshot going past her car as she was preparing for a Zoom meeting with area Democrats. This incident comes just hours after Lake spoke on “Coffee with Coffman” about the latest incident of being harassed at her home. In that incident, Lake stated that someone broke the window of her campaign RV as well as stole the license plate off her father’s vehicle. Lake also spoke about the racist messages she receives in person and over the phone through the campaign.

Lake posted to her campaign page soon after hearing the noises. On the 15-minute Facebook Live video, three men allege that they heard what they believed to be small-caliber gunshots. The three men had been sitting on the outside patio when the incident occurred. They saw Lake in her car and immediately went to her side. During the video, Lake, and one of the three gentlemen, search the area for bullet marks on area fencing and her vehicle, as well as look to speak with the Muncie Police officers, who were not on the scene at the time of the video.