Franklin County under immediate burn ban

Brookville, IN — The Franklin County Commissioners have issued an immediate burn ban for Franklin County through October 6, 2020. The Commissioners noted that the ban issue is due to the risk of widespread fire hazards due to the ongoing drought. This may be extended, if necessary, by seven days according to the proclamation.

Starting immediately, the following activities are prohibited:

  • Campfires and other recreational fires, unless enclosed in a fire ring.
  • Open burning, of any kind, using conventional fuel such as wood, or other combustible matter, with the exception of grills fueled by charcoal briquettes or propane.
  • The burning of debris, such as timber or vegetation, including such debris that results from burning construction activities.

Burning is allowed in burn barrels with a ¼ inch mesh top from dawn to dusk only. Charcoal from permitted grills shall not be removed from grills until the charcoal is thoroughly extinguished.

The Commissioners also strongly encourage residents to attend public displays of fireworks and limit personal use of fireworks to those that do not leave the ground.