Fry Given Decatur Award

David Fry, the 2020 Stephen Decatur Award recipient. Photo of courtesy of Effective Advancement Strategies.

Greensburg, IN — Like most organizations this year, the Decatur County Community Foundation (DCCF) reached deep into their creativity pool to host their annual meeting.  This year, the meeting titled “Are You Smarter Than a Board Member?”, aired on Facebook live Wednesday afternoon and allowed the audience to interact live while staff members asked questions regarding the history of DCCF. 

During the “commercial break”, the foundation announced the 2020 recipient of the Stephen Decatur Award.  This award is given to Decatur County citizens that go above and beyond for their community.  The 2020 award went to David Fry. DCCF Executive Director Tami Wenning stated, “David has done so much for our community for so long and behind the scenes.  It’s not about him getting recognition, but has always been about making our community the very best it could possibly be for all those that live in it.”