BCSC Serving Two Meals Daily

Batesville, IN Batesville Community School Corporation (BCSC) announced that the USDA has approved a nationwide waiver, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, allowing all students, regardless of economic status, to receive free breakfast and lunch at school. This program became effective last Thursday, September 10th, beginning with lunch that day. According to the USDA, this program will continue through the end of the first semester, December 18, 2020, or until federal funds designated for this program are exhausted.

BCSC reminds parents and students that current money will remain in student meal accounts to help prepare for if or when meals are no longer free. Also, charges made before September 10th still must be paid and this only covers the cost of a full reimbursable meal, which is the meal that is listed on the daily menu. This does not include extras or à la carte items, milk only at lunch, snacks, or snack milk. Students may still purchase these types of items if they have a positive balance in their lunch account.