Franklin County experiencing highest COVID positives in one month

Brookville, IN — Franklin County has had 60 new positive cases of COVID-19 in the month of July, and there are still two days left.  During the months of  April, May, and June of this year (when the bulk of the state and county was shut down), the county total for new positive cases was 77. Angie Ruther, the Nursing Supervisor of the Franklin County Health Department warns, “This is the biggest spike ever! It is more important than ever to social distance, wash your hands, disinfect frequently, and wear your mask while in public.” 

In a break down of positive cases per zip code since the beginning of March 2020:

Franklin County:

47024- 18 cases

47030- 22 cases

47012-68 cases

Data is unavailable for 47016, 47036, and 47010

Batesville (includes both Franklin and Ripley Counties):

47006-79 cases