AG Curtis Hill offers advise for handling deceased loved ones social media

Statewide —Attorney General Curtis Hill today offered guidance for Hoosiers who would like to close or memorialize the social media accounts of loved ones who have recently passed away.

“For many, closing or memorializing a deceased loved one’s social media is an important step in the grieving process,” Attorney General Hill said. “My hope is that these tips help any Hoosiers who are coping with a recent loss to remember their loved ones in the ways they find most appropriate.”

On Facebook and Instagram, you may request to remove or memorialize a loved one’s account. Memorialized accounts serve as a place for friends and family to remember that person’s life. The word “Remembering” appears next to the name on the profile.  

On Twitter, you may request that the deceased person’s account be deactivated. Whatever action you wish to take with your deceased loved one’s social media, you may need important documents and information to proceed. This may include:

*Your loved one’s death certificate;
*Your loved one’s obituary;
*Your loved one’s birth certificate;
*Your loved one’s last will and testament;
*Your ID;
*Power of attorney;
*A memorial card, and;
*An executor order.

If you wish to remove or memorialize a deceased loved one’s social media, you should visit the help centers for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for additional information.