Franklin County 2020 Primary Election Information

2020 Franklin County Primary Election Candidates

President/Vice President

Biden, Joseph R (D)

Bloomberg, Michael R (D)

Buttigieg, Peter (D)

Gabbard, Tulsi (D)

Klobuchar, Amy (D)

Sanders, Bernie (D)

Steyer, Thomas (D)

Trump, Donald J. (R)

Warren, Elizabeth Ann (D)

Weld, Bill (R)

Yang, Andrew (D)


Governor/Lt. Governor

Holcomb, Eric (R)


Attorney General (Nominated at Party convention and Elected at General Election)


Superintendent of Public Instruction (Nominated at Party convention and Elected at General Election)


U.S. State Representative 6th District 

Campbell, Mike (R)

Holland, George (D)

Lake, Jeannine L (D)

Pence, Greg (R)

Welsh, Barry (D)


State Senator District 42 (District includes Ray 1 & 2, Salt Creek 1 & 2, Butler, Posey, Laurel, Batesville and Oldenburg)

Leising, Jean (R)


State Representative District 55 (District includes Batesville, Oldenburg, Posey, Ray 1 & 2, and Salt Creek 1 & 2)

Ziemke, Cindy (R)


State Representative District 68  (District includes bath, Blooming Grove, Brookville 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, Butler, Fairfield, Highland 1 & 2, Laurel, Metamora, Springfield and Whitewater 1& 2)

Lyness, Randy (R)


State Convention Delegate

(Democratic Party – Elected at Primary only)

Bailey, LaVeda

Beckman, Kimberly T

Hale, William P

Johnson, David R

Loos-Johnson, Stacey L

Persson, Christina A

Stuart-Hale, Gretchen B

Vohland, Thomas W


(Republican Party – Elected at Primary Only)

Womack, Sharon

Huerkamp, Chris




Judge of the Circuit Court Div 2    

Kellerman, Clay M (R)           



Maxie, Hollie R (R)

Murray, Stephanie (R)         



Beneker, Jolene M (R)    



Seig, Robert G (R)

Bailey, Glenn (D)


County Commissioner Dist. 3 (Districts includes Blooming Grove, Laurel, Posey, Salt Creek 1 & 2, Ray 1 & 2, Oldenburg and Batesville)

Halcomb, Jamie (R)

Wilson, Thomas E (R)


County Council At Large (3 members)


Bischoff, Glen R (R)

Lanning, Carroll (R)

McQueen, Dean (R)

Oglesby, Rebecca (R)

Patterson, Brian (R)

Schwab, Tony (R)

Shorter, Kirk P (R)

Wilson, Jeff (R)


Precinct Committeemen (Republican Party – elected at Primary)

Baxter, Brian                      Brookville 5

Beneker, Jolene M               Brookville 3

Campbell, Brian G                Brookville 4

Combs, Patricia R.               Laurel

Dickey, Donald (Dogger)       Batesville

Fritz, Dennis                       Highland 1

Hall, Cindy K                       Brookville 1

Koch, Joann                        Brookville 2

Kohlsdorf, Michael E.            Highland 2

McQueen, Roger                  Posey 

Paul, Ryan                          Oldenburg

Roberts, Ervin                     Springfield

Sizemore, Joseph M             Metamora

Stokes, Gary M                   Whitewater 2

Tekulve, Todd J                   Ray1

Womack, Sharon                 Butler





Kolb, Derrike (R)

Gillman, Gina (D)


Ward 1

Leffingwell, Brooke (R)

Marmouze, Gary “Gig” (D)

Ward 3

Campbell, Chuck (R)

Flaspohler, Darrel (D)


Ward 5

Ward, Curtis (R)


Franklin County Poling Locations

Batesville 1- Church on Fire Ministries

Bath 1- Bath Conservation Club

Blooming Grove 1 –Blooming Grove Volunteer Fire Department

Brookville 1 – Schilling Memorial Community Center

Brookville 2- American Legion

Brookville 3- Schilling Memorial Community Center

Brookville 4- American Legion

Brookville 5- American Legion

Butler 1- St. Mary’s Hall

Fairchild 1- Bath Conservation Club

Highland 1- Klemme’s Corner United Church of Christ

Highland 2- Cedar Grove Volunteer Fire Department

Laurel 1 – Laurel Community Center

Metamora 1- Metamora Church of God

Oldenburg 1- Holy Family Church Cafeteria

Posey 1- Laurel Community Church

Ray 1- Holy Family Church Cafeteria

Ray 2 – Holy Family Church Cafeteria

Saltcreek 1- Holy Family Church Cafeteria

Saltcreek 2- Metamora Church of God

Springfield 1- Drewersburg Volunteer Fire Department

Whitewater 1- New Trenton Volunteer Fire Department

Whitewater 2 – New Trenton Volunteer Fire Department