Clerk Bradford reminds citizens to consider vote by mail

Versailles, IN—Ginger J. Bradford, Ripley County Clerk, would like to encourage registered voters to vote by mail during these difficult and uncertain times we are currently experiencing.  It has been confirmed by that State that we will have in-person voting on June 2.  The original scheduled date for the primary election was May 5; however, because of COVID-19, the date was changed to June 2.

“The safety and well-being of our voters is first and foremost,” says Clerk Bradford.  “That is why I encourage voters to vote early by mail.  Simply call our office at 812-689-4783 and request an absentee application to be sent to you or go to our county website (click here) to print out an application.”

Again, the State has confirmed that Indiana will have a primary election on June 2.  In an effort to ensure the safety and well-being of those who work as members of the precinct boards at the polling locations, the State has proclaimed that those working at the polling locations do not need to be residents of the county in which they are working.  They do, however, need to be registered to vote in the State of Indiana. These are paid positions. Anyone interested in more information should contact the election office at 812-689-4783.