Keep the faith this Sunday from the comfort of home

Batesville, IN—Spirituality has many benefits for stress relief and overall mental health. It can help you feel a sense of purpose, connect to the world, release control, and more.  But due to the Governor’s emergency order, going to your local church is impossible during the pandemic. 

WRBI offers several options on Sunday morning to help you keep the faith while at home and still hear the good message.  Below is a listing of the shows:

7:30 am- Pastor Wayne Ison at Metamora Church of God

8 am-Christian Sports interview Face-to-Face with Tom Rust

8:30 am-Services from Batesville Christian Church

9 am-Faithfully Yours with Pastor Joe Foster

9:30 am-St. Paul Smyrna Lutheran Church with Pastor Doug Brougher

10 am- Mass from St. Mary’s Catholic Church Greensburg


So tune in Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, and every Sunday to 103.9 WRBI on the radio or listen live online by clicking here.