Man walking across the US for PTSD awareness

Brookville, IN—Franklin County will host retired U.S. Army Soldier Stephen Meyers today as he walks across the USA for PTSD. He left Rushville at sunrise and will be pushing through Andersonville, Metamora, and Brookville by evening. There is a Meet and Greet set at Gateway Park in Metamora for 12-1 pm today and he will speak at Brookville VFW around 6-6:30 pm tonight.

Meyers will start the next leg at Brookville VFW on Saturday morning just after sunrise heading towards Cincinnati. Veterans are encouraged to walk with him.  Please Cheer him on as he goes past.  

A veteran of the wars in Iraq (2005-2007) and Afghanistan (2013), Meyers’ goal is to help those suffering in silence with PTSD. On this walk, Meyers especially seeks to talk with veterans and first-responders and those who care for them. Meyers stated,  “It is easier talking with someone who has been through similar experiences.”

Meyers first realized that he had PTSD in 2007, but didn’t receive treatment until 2015. Meyers says, “Untreated wounds fester and become bigger problems later. Have courage and treat them when they are small and easily managed.”