Bill to modernize dental regulations passes Senate

Statehouse—A bill sponsored by State Sen. Jean Leising (R-Oldenburg) that would modernize dental regulations recently passed the Senate unanimously.

House Bill 1067 would allow a dental hygienist to administer topical, local dental anesthetics and nitrous oxide without supervision. HB 1067 would also update code to reflect requirements a dental hygienist or dental assistant must follow when administering nitrous oxide, among other certification requirements for different areas of dental practice.

“HB 1067 updates code to reflect current practice,” Leising said. “As modern medicine continues to advance, it is important that we give industry professionals the skillsets and authority they need to treat us effectively. This bill updates state law to support dental professionals as they work to meet the needs of their patients.”

HB 1067 was amended in the Senate and will now move back to the House of Representatives for further consideration. Sen.  Leising met with third-year students from Indiana University School of Dentistry and Dr. John Roberts, a dentist from Connersville, at the Statehouse last Monday.