Community members gather for presentation on Decatur Hills possible expansion site

Greensburg, IN—A public presentation of information on the Decatur Landfill was held last evening at the Greensburg Community High School.  Present were experts with IDEM as well as Dr. Terry West, a geology professor with Purdue University that discussed the land underneath the landfill in respect to the public concern that the water aquifer could possibly be contaminated by landfill runoff and leach into usable water. 

“Be assured of the fact that the geology of this site is a very good location and is one that many organizations would like this type of material under their landfill, ” according to Dr. West.    

Dr. West specializes in hazardous waste disposal as well as engineering geology. He discussed not only would the liner used be a safe material to block toxins but also, the area’s glacial till and clay acts as nature’s blocker to break down toxins.  

Dr. West stated, “Near Bloomington, it is difficult to put in a landfill in the limestone country, because limestone has karst, or leakage problems, but glacial till has the best material to put in landfills in this area of the state.”

Several Community members asked questions or expressed concerns during the question-answer portion of the presentation.  There are currently only 33 landfills in the state and the current Decatur Hills Landfill has been in use and permitted since January of 1990.