Indiana GOP establishes all-time record with 70 mayoral wins

Statewide—The Indiana Republican Party set a new personal record in this year’s municipal elections, ending the 2019 cycle with 70 Republican mayors throughout Indiana. This involved flipping 19 mayoral offices. Republicans now hold 23 more mayoral offices than Democrats, another record.

“It was a historic night for Republicans throughout Indiana as voters in city after city elected Republicans mayors,” said Indiana GOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer. “Never in the history of Indiana have Republicans held this many mayoral offices or had this wide a margin over Democrats.”

Not content to compete in just one region, the Indiana Republican Party invested time, talent and significant resources in races throughout the state. This coordination and teamwork is what the GOP says led to the flip of 19 mayoral offices in cities across the state.

This bodes well as Governor Holcomb will lead a motivated, organized and energized team of Republicans into the 2020 elections. Governor Holcomb has already secured the needed signatures to achieve ballot access in his reelection.