Batesville City Council approves long-term water solution

Batesville, IN The City of Batesville took a major step in securing a long-term water supply as City Council approved a bond ordinance and rate increase on Monday, October 14.

The new rates will be implemented in two separate phases. The first phase will see a cost increase of $5.72 on the minimum bill beginning in January 2020. The second phase will show an increase of $3.56 on the minimum bill in January 2021.

Batesville’s current rates have been below average compared to surrounding communities as the implementation of the rate increases in 2020 and 2021 will put Batesville near the average.

Rate increases are necessary to fund the long-term water project which includes the construction of a 16-mile pipeline from the city-owned property between Brookville and Metamora that will connect to a new water treatment plant in Batesville.

Studies dating back to 1989 have determined the need for an alternate water supply which led to the Whitewater River Aquifer being the best long-term solution for water sustainability over the next half-century and beyond as the area population continues to grow.

City Council President Kevin Chaffee has been involved in the project for three decades saying, “Numerous studies have shown that the best source of groundwater for Batesville is the Whitewater River Aquifer. There is abundant, clean water available that will allow the city to grow far into the future, providing for generations of people to live and work here. In my opinion, this is the most important project that the city has ever undertaken.”

Construction on the water plant and water mains are expected to take between 18 and 24 months to complete.

“We were fortunate that our grandparents had the foresight to develop the reservoirs that have served us well, but for us to continue to grow, this is the new guaranteed water source that we need,” said Mayor Mike Bettice.