RCCF receives $125,000

Batesville, IN—The Ripley County Community Foundation (RCCF) received a grant from The Rising Sun Regional Foundation.  This grant was awarded in response to Lilly Endowment Inc.’s seventh Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow initiative (GIFT VII).

In October 2018 RCCF received notice that it was approved to receive a $500,000 Matching Fund Grant through GIFT VII.  In order for the Ripley County Community Foundation to receive the full benefit of GIFT VII, it must raise matching donations. GIFT VII will give a $2.00 match for every $1.00 donated to a community granting fund. This means that Rising Sun Regional Foundation’s (RSRF) grant will receive a $250,000 match from GIFT VII. RSRF’s grant and the GIFT VII match will make more grant dollars available to local charitable and non-profit organizations, now and forever. “Lilly Endowment, Inc. has been a strong supporter of Indiana community foundations, and since the first GIFT initiative, RSRF has been a partner in this endeavor,” noted Jascia Redwine, RSRF Executive Director. Redwine further stated, “The Board of Directors of RSRF and I are excited to continue to assist RCCF with its goals of both matching GIFT VII and building up its unrestricted grantmaking capacity.”

Lilly Endowment, Inc. developed the GIFT VII Matching Fund Grants “to support the continued growth of unrestricted endowment assets” held by Indiana community foundations. This ideology reflects the mission of RCCF, and its participation in the program will increase the amount of unrestricted assets available to the board of directors as they work towards improving the quality of life in Ripley County. “Rising Sun Regional Foundation’s grant, and LEI’s match, create the largest unrestricted fund administered by RCCF,” states Amy Streator, RCCF Executive Director. “Access to unrestricted dollars is vital to the community foundation’s ability to respond to the needs of local non-profits and charitable organizations. RSRF’s grant to the unrestricted endowment allows the community foundation to have more flexibility in its future grant making and affirms our position as a trusted partner,” Streator stated.

RCCF was required to raise $250,000 by December 31, 2020, to successfully complete the GIFT VII Matching Fund Grant challenge.  Thanks to the generosity of the Rising Sun Regional Foundation, this goal is becoming attainable.  Streator noted that, “with the RSRF grant, RCCF is at 90% of its’ GIFT VII goal.”  To help the Ripley County Community Foundation close the GIFT VII gap, donate today by sending a check to the Ripley County Community Foundation, 13 E. George Street, Suite B, Batesville, IN, or donate online at www.rccfonline.org.  GIFT VII matching funds will be allotted to donations on a first-come, first-served basis.


The Ripley County Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that assists donors in building an enduring source of charitable funds to benefit the citizens and qualified organizations of Ripley County. The Foundation manages 193 funds and $12 million dollars in assets which are used to improve the Community and serve Ripley County residents through various grants and scholarships. The Foundation is dedicated to partnering with and serving the local communities as a trusted source for charitable giving now and forever. Learn more about the Foundation and how to donate at http://rccfonline.org.