Indiana driver’s licenses just became easier to obtain

Statewide—It just became easier for new Hoosiers to get a driver’s license.

If you already have a valid out-of-state driver’s license upon moving to Indiana, you won’t have to take the written driving exam, according to a new law that went into effect July 1. A vision screening is the only test required, says the Indiana BMV. You will also need to provide documents proving identity, lawful status, Social Security number, and Indiana residency.

When you move to the state, you have 60 days to obtain an Indiana driver’s license. After applying, you will receive an interim license that’s good for 30 days. If you’ve moved to Indiana and don’t have a valid out-of-state driver’s license, you must hold an Indiana learner’s permit for 180 days before you can get your Indiana driver’s license.

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