Grass Clippings can lead to dangerous road conditions

Brookville, IN—Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputies would like to remind citizens to not blow their grass clippings into the roadway.  Not only can the clippings make the roadway slick, but they can also clog drainage ditches causing roadways to flood.

“Grass clippings on a roadway is just as dangerous to a motorcycle as an ice-covered roadway is to a passenger vehicle,” said Sheriff Peter Cates.  “Motorcycle tires need to have good contact with the road surface, especially while negotiating curves.  Whether the grass clippings are wet or dry, when they come between the motorcycle tires and the road surface, it can be deadly for the motorcycle riders,” continued Sheriff Cates.

While Indiana currently does not have a law against blowing grass clippings into the roadway, this practice can create travel dangers.    In order to help make Franklin County a safer place to travel, Deputies would like to offer suggestions for alternative uses for grass clippings, such as animal feed, compost, mulch, or recycling.

Deputies ask that property owners aim the mower’s discharge chute away from the roadway.  If you do not want clippings in your yard, Deputies suggest raking the clippings or using a bagging system.