So, You Want to be an AD?

You can blame our weather today on any theory you want to choose.  All I know is that it is not like it used to be.  March winds and April showers no longer bring May flowers.  It snows in April, rains all of May, and it is 85 degrees in March.

Last week 40 schools in southeast Indiana set out for Shelbyville for the girls track regional.  In most cases they left their school parking lots under dry conditions and mid-60’s temperatures.  When they got to Shelbyville, they sat in the bus for an hour with the heat on while it poured down rain for the better part of an hour.  The Shelbyville athletic director had to make the decision to hold the meet based on these facts.  (1)  Will there be lightning?   (2)  How long should we delay the start?  (3) Can I get enough people to help push the water off the track?   (4)  Can we get enough workers tomorrow if we have to cancel?      (5)  Will it be fair for these athletes to run under these conditions where other sites may be dry?   Finally, (6) with all the electronic equipment used today, can we keep it all working in the rain and flooded conditions?

The man in charge did not get paid extra for making this decision.  It is just part of his job as a host of a big track meet.  These decisions occur in all spring sports and to a lesser extend all fall sports.  Kudos to all athletic directors!