Is It Happening?

Since the NCAA basketball scandal of the past couple of years, the state athletic associations and the basketball coaches associations have decided to try to bring recruiting back to high school gyms.

Big-time basketball men’s recruiting has developed into a practice similar to scouting pro athletes.  Third party people and large athletic facilities (not high school gyms) are where the top college prospects work out, play games, and get recruited.

Under this new system, state athletic associations and basketball coaches associations are using 2 weekends late in June to set up basketball tournaments, or in some cases workouts, in high school facilities under the complete directions of the high school.  College coaches can come and watch, but they are not involved in how these tournaments and/or games are set up.  It is back to where the college coach comes to a high school, watches the young athletes play, talks to high school coaches and parents, and tries to sell his program to an athlete.  It eliminates third parties “buying” services of a potential player with no control by any high school official.  Amen and Yeah!!