Middle School Softball

I have to give equal time to our granddaughter who plays fast-pitched softball in the 12 and under league.  We were able to see her play 4 games in the week we were there.  It is amazing how much girls improve from one year to another at this age level.  While watching her play last year, you hoped your pitcher would strike out the opposing batter, because if the ball was hit, it was an adventure as to what might happen.  It was very seldom caught.  Since Audrey pitches, you can imagine me squirm in my seat every time she let go of the ball.

This year, the fielders actually fielded the ground balls and their arms are strong enough to throw players out at first base.  Even when the ball is popped up or is hit in the air to the outfield, there is a better than 50/50 chance it will be caught.  One of the 4 games went 5 1/2 innings in the 65-minute time limit that their league allows for a game.  Major leagues don’t even play this quick.

I will have to say, Sally & I enjoyed the games and we are looking forward to watching Audrey and her teammates as they improve with another year’s growth.