T-Ball Fiasco

We just got back from our trip to Minnesota to see the grandkids participate in their spring sports.  Our grandson is playing T-ball this year where they only use the tee if they can’t hit the thrown pitch.  I was amazed that only a couple times did any of the players have to use the tee.  Most of the time they were able to hit the pitched ball.

So much for the actual game of baseball that they were playing.  The real fiasco is to watch what the players are doing when they are in the field.  We saw outfielders throwing gloves at each other, the normal building of sand castles by bored infielders, and the occasional dancing on the bases.  Our grandson was the best dancer!  LOL

When I asked Andrew what was good about the game, he asked me “Grandpa, did you see the dust devil I created?”  Oh, well!  He is just in kindergarten.