St. Nicholas aligns nickname and logo with motto- ‘Building Saints and Scholars since 1859’

Sunman, In. — St. Nicholas School has adopted a new nickname- The St. Nicholas Saints.

The school was founded in 1859 in Sunman and principal Sherri Kirschner says, “For many years, we were the Trojans which went along with the county school, but that wasn’t really a unique identity.  For the last two years, we pretty much didn’t go by any name.”

With the new school opening in August, the Education Commission decided to establish a true identity for St. Nicholas School that went along with their motto – Building Saints and Scholars since 1859.  After several suggestions, the group unanimously agreed on “Saints” because that is everyone’s ultimate goal, to be a saint, someone who is a very virtuous, kind, and patient servant of Christ.