Graduate Transfers

In a recent article in the Indianapolis Star, Matt Painter of Purdue, was discussing his desire to find a graduate transfer to replace the graduating Ryan Cline and NBA draft eligible Carson Edwards.

According to the NCAA, players with one year of eligibility left after graduation can transfer to a college that offers them a certain academic program that they cannot get at the university they are attending.  This is a major joke.   This is just the college version of the NBA draft.

The NCAA seems to look the other way when these players transfer.  You cannot tell me that any major college does not offer a program in their graduate school that these players could use.  They are simply looking for a quick way to reach the NCAA Final Four.  Every major college program wants to do this, but there are only so many good players available in any given year.

What it boils down to is–what chance your college has of making the NCAA.  That is where these players want to go!  Until the NCAA clamps down, more power to the programs that find these players.