Preventing Injuries

In yesterday’s blog, I talked about high school injuries–especially ACL injuries.  Why are these happening and how can we prevent them?

One theory that is gaining a lot of support is the idea that the one-sport athlete is doing himself/herself no favors by allowing the body to concentrate on one sport only.  Because they play that sport 12 months a year, only certain muscles are being used constantly.  Every sport takes different muscles and the multi-sport athlete will theoretically use all the body’s muscles and keep them in equal strength.

Another theory is in proper weight training.  Weight training is very beneficial if it is properly taught and supervised.  Too often athletes do training at home or alone in weight rooms and do the wrong things.  Being the “Hulk” might impress someone, but it is not beneficial to a sport.

The last idea I want to throw out is proper warm-up and warm-down.  Each is equally important.  A good track athlete, for example, should warm up for at least one half hour before participation or practice.  Afterwards, you just don’t walk off and go sit down.  You need to let the body down gradually from a strenuous event.  This will not guarantee no injuries, but it will certainly improve your changes of staying healthy.