Sports Injuries

The National Federation of High School Athletics had a recent article that talked about injuries in high school sports.  The most devastating injury, and one of the most common, is the dreaded ACL injury.  The only injury that is more serious is a concussion.

Of the nearly one million injuries that occur each year, the ACL puts the athlete on the shelf for the longest period of time.  Many ACL injuries take a full year of repair and recovery.  Not only does the athlete lose a year of playing eligibility through this injury, but it will most likely affect them later in life.  Most damaged knees will develop arthritis within 10 years.

ACL injuries occur in almost every sport, even though soccer, football & basketball top the list.   Even the more gentile sports, like tennis & golf, are not immune to an ACL tear.  How many times have you seen someone take a funny step on a court or field and the next thing you know they are down and out of action?