Derby Results

In a decision that I am sure will be debated for years, the Kentucky Derby was awarded to Country House, a 65-1 long shot.  There was definitely outward movement by Maximum Security, so there certainly was a possibility that an inquiry would occur.

It is a shame that the conditions of the track weren’t better.  Because of the inquiry, the best horse in the field did not win; but there are rules, and even though it was the Kentucky Derby those rules must be followed.  It was unusual that the objection did not come from the jockey whose horse was most obviously interfered with during the race.

As far as I am concerned, I did not have a bet on this race.  Therefore, this decision did not affect me.  I wonder how many people got $132 for their $2 bet on the long shot, Country House?  I am sure this eliminates any chance of a Triple Crown winner.  I can’t see Country House winning the 3 races that make up the Triple Crown.