How To Get Into The Kentucky Derby

I am sure people wonder how you get a horse into the Kentucky Derby.  In most races during the year, you simply pay a fee and if there is an opening your horse can run in that race if it meets that races qualifications.  (Example:  2-year old maiden)   As far at the Kentucky Derby is concerned, you qualify by earning points in races that begin in the previous fall.  In these races, points are awarded on a 10-4-2-1 basis.  This is 10 points for first place, etc.  After the first of the year, the races that are then designated as pre-Derby races earn a much higher point total.  Many of these races can earn you as many as 100 points.

Some of the big races in the spring include the Santa Anita Derby and the Arkansas Derby.  If you reach the top 20 in the point standings, you are eligible.  You then must pay a $25,000 entrance fee by May 1.  The owner then must decide if his horse is able to run.  If not, horses outside of the top 20 can get into the race.

I hope you have your money down unless you are able to go to the race tomorrow or find yourself at a track which allows off-track betting.  I was going to bet on Omaha Beach, but now it is back to the drawing board!  Good luck to all of you who are wagering on the Derby!