Lauren Hill

The Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame has just announced that on May 18 in Columbus, Ohio, Lauren Hill will be posthumously inducted.  The former Lawrenceburg High School and Mount Saint Joe player was diagnosed with DPIG (pediatric brain cancer) during her senior season with the Tigers.  She had already signed her letter of intent with Mt. St. Joe.

I remember Batesville High School honoring her along with our seniors during senior night in the Batesville gym.  At this time, she was still able to play competitive basketball.  In the short time between the end of her high school season and the beginning of Mt. St. Joe, the disease had already taken its toll; however, she did get into 4 games at MSJ and was able to score a basket in each game.

Lauren continues to inspire and donations for DPIG research have reached 2.4 million in her name.  A young lady here in the Batesville area is benefiting from some of the research funded by Lauren Hill’s determination to help find a cure.  This inspirational effort by Hill is why she is being inducted.