The Sport of Cheerleading

According to an article in the National Federation of High School Sports, there is a strong push to make cheerleading a competitive high school sport.  The days of the popular girls posing on the sidelines has become a highly athletic and competitive sport.  Squads go to summer camps where they not only learn cheers and stunts, but they also compete in competition.  They also go to competitions throughout the year.

If the cheerleading squad becomes a competitive entity, you can count the young ladies and men involved as part of your Title IX equality.  The coaches of the cheerleading teams would have to be certified just like all other high school coaches.  In some cases, they already are; however, if it is a competitive sport, it would be mandatory.

Who would have believed that Title IX would have this much effect on the high school scene?  It certainly has changed the way high school sports are now scheduled and regulated.