Kentucky Derby

Believe it or not, the Kentucky Derby is just a week away.  Hopefully, weather in Northern Kentucky will improve before this event.  As I am writing this article, there are snow flurries in the air yet–and it is April!  The Keeneland spring track season is just wrapping up, and it has been so wet that it appears the horses are running in mud up to their knees.

According to the experts, there are no sure bets to win the Derby this year.  For those of you who like to bet on the ponies, this should be a chance to make a few bucks if you can choose the right horse.  The top candidates seem to be Tacitus, Omaha Beach, Vekoma, Plus Que Parfait, and Roadster.  If you don’t want to battle the crowd at Churchhill Downs, you can go to Indiana Grand in Shelbyville and place your bet on this year’s Derby.