Mick Cronin and UCLA

I was just as surprised when Mick Cronin left UC for UCLA as I was when Chris Mack left Xavier for Louisville.  Since Cronin grew up in Cincinnati and was nearly a life-long resident of the city, I didn’t expect him to move.  After all, he had led UC to 9 consecutive NCAA appearances.

I am sure that the money he will receive at UCLA was one factor, and like most head coaches, your ego leads you to believe that you can take any program to a new success level or return it to its old glory days.  UCLA fans will have to get used to Cronin’s love for defensive basketball.  No longer will they see hot shooting and running basketball under Cronin.  It will be “in your face” defense and football on the hardwood.  One thing you can argue in Cronin’s defense is that it certainly worked at UC and it did fill the seats for home games.  I am sure that is what UCLA was looking for when they hired him.