Which Athletes Make The Most Money?

While looking up the information on yesterday’s blog, I also found some interesting statistics concerning which pro sport athletes make the most money.  After seeing what Bryce Harper and Mike Trout recently signed for in their new baseball contracts, I think you have a good clue.  According to the article I read on the internet, the average major league baseball salary is $11 million a year.  This drops to $6.2 million a year for the NBA.

I checked three other major league sports salaries.  The NFL players averaged $4.2 million a year, the NHL is $4 million a year, and major league soccer is close to $1 million a year.

If you think major league baseball is way out of line, you have to consider their season includes 162 ball games.  The NHL plays 82 games a year which is the same as the NBA.  Major league soccer pro athletes play 34 games a year while the NFL schedule is only 16 games.  If you do the division, the NFL is doing pretty good.  On the other hand, I believe the NFL has the shortest career life for their players which at one time averaged about 4 years.  Considering wear and tear on the body, baseball does not seem too bad compared to the other sports I listed.