Bill protecting military family relief funds could soon be law

Indianapolis, In. — After receiving support in the House and Senate, Republican state representative from Greensburg Randy Frye’s legislation calling for more oversight for Indiana’s Military Family Relief Fund could soon become law.

The fund is a dedicated account that receives money through donations and the purchase of veteran license plates like “Support the Troops.” Those eligible for emergency grants through the fund include deployed or recently deployed Indiana National Guard Members and members of the Selected Reserves. These emergency grants may be used by families to assist in food, housing, utilities, medical services and transportation expenses.

“We saw the need to put guidelines in statute ensuring fair and equal distribution of grant funds to all qualified veterans in need of assistance,” Frye said. “This legislation puts guardrails in place to ensure the fund is handled with accountability and transparency.”

Frye said employees of the Indiana Department of Veterans’ Affairs would have to submit their requests for assistance from the fund to the Indiana Veteran’s Affairs Commission, which consists of seven members appointed by the governor.

According to Frye, this assistance could not exceed $2,500 for each application to ensure that funds are distributed fairly. However in rare cases, the Indiana Veterans’ Affairs Commission could increase that amount.

House Enrolled Act 1257 is now eligible for action by the governor. For more information, click here.