Has the sensitivity issue gone too far?  Just recently the women’s basketball coach at NKU has come under scrutiny.  A former player has accused the coach of verbally abusing players.  I want to point out that this is in the early stages and no charges have been filed.  It is just a complaint at this time.

However, every time you turn the TV on or read a paper someone is coming under scrutiny for something they have supposedly said or done.  Coaches and politicians seem to be the most likely targets.  In the case I listed above, 7 other players have come to this coach’s defense.  In the case of politicians, it is just normal now for anyone in the spotlight to have someone complain about past behavior.  You can no longer give a hand shake, a pat on the back, or put your arm around someone to offer support.

For those who are really harrassed, it is a true shame. With so many complaints now a good majority of the people are doubting the accusers.  Why does it seem we always go to one extreme or the other?