NCAA Champs!

How about the Virginia Cavaliers?  Virginia certainly earned the NCAA basketball championship, but if you don’t believe it takes a little luck along the way, you are certainly misinformed.  The unbelievable finish in regulation in the game against Purdue, 7 points in 6 seconds against Auburn, and the 3-pointer to get to overtime against Texas Tech took skill, but it also took a lot of luck for everything to fall right.

The only number 1 team to make it to the Final 4, they never panicked and in the end they were the 2019 champions.  You had to love the NCAA tournament this year if you are a true basketball fan.  There were only a few major upsets and the majority of the games weren’t decided until late in the second half.  That is what a tournament of the best teams is supposed to be.

Congratulations, Virginia!