Women’s Wrestling

My wife was going through e-mails recently and found this article on wrestling for girls.  Twelve states now have a sanctioned state championship in girls’ wrestling.  A few of these states are Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, and Missouri.  In Indiana, it is still just a boys’ sport.  Since Title IX, if a young lady wants to wrestle, she may compete, but it has to be on the boys’ team.

Locally, several girls have tried the sport, but few of them continue beyond junior high.  That does not mean that no one in this area has not had success at the high school level.  Demi Strub competed at East Central as a part of the boys’ team.  She did win some high school matches but never reached the level she desired.  Outside of the IHSAA she was quite successful.  On several occasions she was a national runner-up in women’s tournaments.  Her father coached at East Central and is an advocate to put women’s wrestling on the IHSAA list of sanctioned sports.

I would certainly rather have a daughter or granddaughter participate in wrestling rather than to try the ultimate fighting–or boxing.  I am not an advocate of young ladies having to compete against young men.  They need their own playing field.