Opening Days for Spring Sports

Tonight the Batesville Bulldogs open their 2019 track season.  I sure hope the weather cooperates.  I have been going to track meets since 1955.  I have seen nights with temperatures below 32 degrees, snow, driving rain, and gale force winds.  Yes, in track you run unless it is lightning or the track is under water.

Just as track is opening this week, so are the rest of the outdoor spring seasons.  With modern technology, tracks, tennis courts, and some ball diamonds now have artificial surfaces.  Only golf is totally played on natural surfaces.  However, none of the spring sports at the high school level are played in dome stadiums.  This means the participants and the spectators are exposed to good old dependable Indiana weather.

I would recommend you keep your coats, hats, gloves and umbrellas handy.  The sun will shine more likely on the days you are not playing more than the days that you are.  Such is the life of a spring athlete and their fan base.