Still Identical

If you are my age, you should remember Dick and Tom Van Arsdale.  These identical twins have been sharing awards and accolades since they were seniors at Manual High School in 1961.  Two of those awards were Indiana Mr. Basketball and the Trester Award given at the state basketball tournament.  They unfortunately do not share a state basketball title as their team lost to Kokomo that year.

They were recently honored before the IU/Purdue basketball game.  The two IU stars are still doing things as a team.  The one thing they do not share is the stroke that Dick suffered in 2005.  Today, Tom has to do most of the talking because of the extent of his brother’s stroke.

I remember the Van Arsdales not only as basketball players, but I also remember them as track stars.  Both of them were shot putters, and believe me, at their height they were not only good but impressive as well.

According to an article in the Indy Star, they both live in Arizona where they had a real estate business.  They are retired now, and I believe they own an art studio in Scottsdale.