Six arrested, charges filed in Westport stabbing

Westport, In. — A total of six people have now been arrested as a result of an investigation into a stabbing in Westport Tuesday.

Here are the charges:

  • Steven Smith, 39, of Westport, attempted murder and visiting a common nuisance.
  • Israel Vinson, 27, Of Westport, possession of methamphetamine, maintaining a common nuisance, possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia.
  • Marvin Murphy II, 41, of Greensburg, visiting a common nuisance.
  • David Moffett, 50, of North Vernon, visiting a common nuisance.
  • Joni Hermesh, 37, of Westport, visiting a common nuisance.
  • Annette Brogan, 37, of Greensburg, visiting a common nuisance.

Court documents say Smith stabbed a victim at least three times. The victim thwarted the attack by hitting Smith in the side of the head with a nearby pipe.

Both Smith and the victim were treated for injuries.

The incident led to a lockdown at South Decatur High School and Elementary schools. Sheriff Durant praised the efforts of police in Westport, Indiana State Police, Westport Fire Department and school officials.

This is an ongoing investigation.