Final ‘Indiana Bison-tennial’ book released

Indianapolis, In. — The final Indiana Bicentennial project book, “Indiana’s ‘Bison-tennial’ Project: A Celebration of Hoosier History, Artistry and Creativity” is now available for purchase for $39.95 from M.T. Publishing Company, Inc.

This 144-page, full-color, 9” X 12” hardbound book celebrates The Bison-tennial Legacy Project, a project with the end goal of decorating and displaying five-foot-tall fiberglass bison in each of Indiana’s 92 counties. Explore how different counties creatively decorated their bison to represent city, town, county and state history and heritage. This project was part of a larger celebration administered by The Indiana Bicentennial Commission “aimed to honor [the] state’s 200 years of history, and to do so in a modern way that engaged all 6.5 million Hoosiers and left a lasting legacy for future generations.”

A copy of the book may be purchased here. A digital edition is also available for an additional $9.95 with the purchase of the standard hardbound edition. The book is also available for purchase in the bookstore of the Indiana Historical Bureau located on the first floor of the Indiana State Library.

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