Infinite Speed bids farewell to KHLB

Batesville, In. — The owners of Infinite Speed have announced their official departure from the Batesville Airport. The following is the official statement released on social media:

All new business ventures have lots of twists and turns. Infinite-Speed is no different.

Today I have to announce to everyone that the Batesville location is not going to work for future half mile events. The airport has limited operational zones and current FAA standards will not allow the flexibility to run both operations. I am currently working on confirming other venues to hold our events at for the 2019 season.

Our business model will be undergoing some changes do to all this as well. I am now the sole proprietor Infinite-Speed. In the future plan to operate in the same manner as other half mile event holders hosting events at select locations.

For simplicity sake, I will be issuing full refunds for the drivers that chose to keep credits on file when the Sep. 22nd and Oct. 13th-14th events were cancelled/postponed. Once the 2019 schedule is solidified we will offer those receiving the refunds the same second free pass if you choose to purchase another.

Being forced to expand to other locations is not such a bad thing. I am beyond thankful to have met and made friends with so many new people during the startup of Infinite-Speed. A huge thank you to all of you during for the tremendous amount of support we have received, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again in the 2019 season!

Thanks again,