Greensburg/Decatur County Chamber offers ‘Lead 2019’

Greensburg, In. — For the first time since 2008, the Greensburg/Decatur County Chamber of Commerce is offering a Leadership development program, Lead 2.019.

This “next version” of the local leadership development promises to ignite valuable opportunities with more than simple classroom learning, a fact recognized in the LEAD acronym:

  • Learn
  • Experience
  • Apply
  • Demonstrate

The program is built on interaction and experiential learning that will prepare class members for outcomes with immediate and long-lasting impact. By tailoring the program to the community and class we have ensured the participants find it to be centered in each of the following:

  • Learner Outcomes
  • Knowledge Base Expansion
  • Assessment and Evaluation Review
  • Community Impact

Participation in this valuable program, comprising over 40 hours of instructional time, promises to improve networks through its team-oriented and project-based approach which will advance interaction with the community and its leadership. The sessions are certain to provide a return on investment that will last for many years.

Lead 2.019 Benefits for Attendees:

  • Transferable, leadership and project management skills
  • Personal Growth
  • Increased self awareness
  • Comprehensive understanding of community needs and opportunities
  • Enhanced ability to navigate community structure
  • Increased interaction and networking with community leaders
  • Emerging skills and relationships