Authorities remain silent on charges connected to restaurant raids

Batesville, In. — Law enforcement officials have remained tight-lipped about the nature and scope of the criminal investigation into a raid conducted at four Mexican restaurants Thursday, but this statement has been released:

In response to inquiries regarding the search warrants served Thursday across southeastern Indiana, the involved law enforcement agencies and prosecuting attorneys issue the following statement:

In Indiana, prosecutors are bound by the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct. Pursuant to those Rules, we may not offer comment on this matter at this time, except to state that a criminal investigation is pending. In the same way, all law enforcement officers are bound to honor those Rules and will not be offering comment on the pending investigation.

If the investigation results in charges, there will be public records to which the public may be referred for further information. In the meantime, all subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


Lynn M. Deddens                                                   Nathan W. Harter IV

Dearborn/Ohio County Prosecutor                              Decatur County Prosecutor

Melvin F. Wilhelm                                                  Philip J. Caviness

Franklin County Prosecutor                                            Rush County Prosecutor

Andrew Bryson                                                      

Union County Prosecutor                                                Indiana Office of the Attorney General

Lindsay Hyer                                                                                   

Indiana State Excise PIO