Pitch Tipping

There are still some things left in baseball that are not controlled by electronic devices.  Of course, we have the instant replays and the strike zone rectangle shown on TV so we can complain about balls & strikes that the umpires miss.  In some ways, it is nice to know that they are still doing some things the old fashioned way.  One of these is that someone in the dugout figures out what the next pitch is going to be by how the pitcher fidgets before he throws the ball to the plate.  They relay the signal either directly to the batter or to one of the base coaches.  An example would be how the hand is placed in the pitchers glove.

Yu Darvish apparently did this during the World Series because the Houston Astros blasted him when he was pitching for the Dodgers.  After the series, Darvish was a free agent and was given a huge contract by the Cubs.  Based on what he is doing this year, he is apparently still “tipping” his pitches because he has not won a game yet this year.

Major league baseball teams actually hire people to pick up any kind of advantage that will win a game.  I wonder what these guys are paid?   I might like that job.