More Ideas for Developing Referees

At a recent Coaches Corner, two of our area coaches were discussing the plight of high school referees and sectional assignments.  Right now, the IHSAA assigns referees to sectionals that are not too far from their home areas but still far enough away that they do not referee a game involving a local school.

A second provision by the IHSAA is to break up regular season refereeing teams so that when they reach a sectional sight the referees must get used to each other right now.  This is extremely hard to do.  Regular referring teams know how to cover for each other during the rapid pace of play on the floor.  If you are working with a new crew, you are not in sync with each other.  At a crucial time in the game, a missed call could crop up.  It may or may not determine the outcome of the game, but it certainly riles up the crowd and causes tension in the whole gym.  Next Monday on Coaches Corner, we will be having a referee round table.  Listen in to find out how three veteran referees see this.

Most coaches would like to see a couple teams be assigned to a sectional site and work the games as teams.  Another factor that enters into this referee discussion are games being played in someone’s home gym.  This makes visiting teams suspicious on how certain games are called.  Every visiting crowd believes they are being homered by the home team.  This is seldom, if ever, the case with veteran referees.  With the way travel has been common any way, why not have neutral gyms for all sectional sites?  Just an idea.