Batesville Board of Public Works and Safety approves emergency vehicle purchases

Batesville, In. — The Batesville Board of Public Works and Safety has approved the purchase of two specialty emergency vehicles.

Board members approved the purchase of a Pierce Ford F550 Mini Pumper/Initial Attack Apparatus. The specialty low-profile piece of equipment will allow first responders and equipment access to the areas south of the railroad tracks when city streets are blocked by trains. Global Emergency Products submitted a bid of $277,800.

Batesville Fire Department chief Todd Shutte says the vehicle will carry extrication equipment, medical gear and personnel to stabilize a scene until more help arrives. The apparatus can be used for wood, fuel or grass fires and has capacity of 1,500-gallons-per-minute.

The purchase of a new ambulance to replace the unit lost in a fire last year was also approved.

Horton Emergency Vehicles provided a price of $265,100 for a new ambulance. City officials are able to offset the cost of the ambulance with a $201,000 insurance settlement from the original loss.