CYO Basketball Tourney Semi-Final Scores (2-11)

CYO Basketball Tourney Semi-Final Scores
Sunday  (2-11)

St. Louis-1  63     Holy Family  40
All Saints  64     St. Michael’s  61

Championship-Sunday, February 18
St. Louis-Batesville at 1 PM

Batesville vs. All Saints

St. Louis-1 advanced to the championship game of the Batesville Deanery tournament with 63-40 win over Holy Family.

St. Louis would jump out to early 9 point lead after 1 period. We weren’t playing our best to start the game but were able to get the lead. St. Louis would stretch its lead to 16 at half. We were missing 2 players and had 2 other players that weren’t completely back to full health, so to be you 16 and not playing are best, I was pleased.

In the 2nd half St. Louis would see its lead continue to grow and would gone on to win easily. Even though we would maintained a large lead, I never really felt we were in complete control game. We were glad to get the win, but we are going to have to play a lot  better if we want to win the deanery tournament.

These kids have played hard all year to get to the championship game and now we are one win away from winning it.

STL Scoring. Kyle Siefert 21, Lane Oesterling 16, Alex Westerfeld 7, Nathan Eckstein 7, Sam Bedel 4, Evan Straber 3, Sam Giesting 3, Mitchell Ertel 2.

Courtesy of Bruins Coach Roger Dietz.